Introducing Our Safari Jeeps

Your Gateway to Wildlife Adventure!

At Just'us Wild Safaris, we understand that the right vehicle can elevate your safari experience to the extraordinary. That's why we're proud to present our fleet of 4x4 all-terrain safari jeeps, meticulously designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and wildlife viewing.

Join us at Just'us Wild Safaris and embark on a safari adventure like no other. Our safari jeeps are more than vehicles; they are your companions in discovering the beauty and wonders of Kenya's wild landscapes. Get ready to explore, capture, and cherish the moments with us!


*Popup Hatch Roof for Optimal Shade:* Our safari jeeps feature a cleverly designed popup hatch roof, ensuring you have the vital shade you need during full or long-day odysseys. Whether you're observing wildlife or capturing that perfect shot, you'll stay comfortably shaded under the African sun.

*Customizable Window Options:* We believe in tailoring your safari experience to your preferences. That's why our jeeps come equipped with modern detachable side windows. You can choose between a glass window for a clear view or a canvas window, ideal for photography enthusiasts seeking a wide-angle perspective.

*Charging Convenience:* Don't worry about running out of battery for your camera or smartphone while capturing the beauty of the Kenyan wilderness. Our jeeps are equipped with charging systems, allowing you to keep your devices powered throughout your game drive.

*Refreshments On-the-Go:* We know the importance of staying refreshed during your adventure. Each safari jeep is equipped with a cold cooler box, ensuring your drinks remain chilled throughout your game drive and day trips. Stay hydrated and energized as you explore.

*Unobstructed Wildlife Views:* To make your wildlife encounters truly memorable, we provide all window seats in our jeeps. This means you'll enjoy unobstructed views of Kenya's stunning wildlife, giving you the best possible vantage points for observation and photography.